2015 Conferences Start Early and ATOAC Members Will be There

This Friday (January 9th), the 67th Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Meeting and Clinical Symposium will start in Philadelphia. Two ATOAC members will be presenting at the meeting. On Friday, Joe Hart, PhD, ATC will be delivering an evidence-based practice workshop entitled “Early and Strategic Interventions for Managing Joint Injury and Optimizing Long-Term Outcomes”. On Saturday, Nicole Cattano, PhD, ATC will be presenting a poster with her latest biomarker findings among individuals with and without a history of knee injury. Additionally, several members of ATOAC will be meeting while at the conference.

This is just the start of the 2015 conferences and ATOAC members will be busy all year presenting and meeting at conferences. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year and if you have anything to add please post a comment.

Happy New Year!

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