2020 ATOAC Annual Meeting

  • Please mark your calendars for this year’s annual meeting on Wednesday, June 17th from 11:30-4:00 at Emory Clinic at Executive Park in Atlanta, GA.  
  • Highlights of this year’s event will include an update from last year’s harvest activity to build a common core of research measures within ATOAC and expert presentations and discussions on implementation and dissemination of OA prevention strategies – “We have evidence, now how do we get people to apply it in an effective manner?”
  • Want to be a part of this year’s meeting?
    • Submit a research abstract – details available here!  The planning committee welcomes all OA related research areas, but is particularly interested in research related to areas of the body other than the knee, or research investigating implementation and dissemination of OA prevention programs, including both primary and secondary strategies.

Members of the Athletic Trainers’ Osteoarthritis Consortium (ATOAC) will be presenting at these upcoming meetings…

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